GF 0-15 extensive mat

It is based on special growth medium made of either PP (polypropylene) or PA (polyamide) fibers. This type of medium allows even distribution of substrate and thus a proper development of root system.

GF 15-45 extensive mat

It is based on special growth medium made of PA (polyamide) fibers which give the mat greater mechanical strength which is especially important in case of adding load to roofs with bigger slope.

GF MS extensive mineral substrate

A proper mix of organic ingredients (peat, bark mulch) and mineral rocks of a proper grid type. GF MS substrate is a perfect growth medium for plants.

Water retention geo-textiles

Variety of textiles which have function of a vegetation layer. Made of polypropylene and cotton fibers produced in the recycling process.

GF WS rock wool

It is a substitute for mineral substrate and water retention geo-textiles. Its production is based on mineral ingredients.

GF DREN B cupped drainage mat

Specially cupped drainage mat made of high density polyethylene or polypropylene which is combined with filtration geo-textiles.

GF DREN 3D drainage with tangled filaments

3D mats made of polypropylene fibers which can be combined with filtration layers.


Light weight, polypropylene geo-textiles which in GF green roof system have protective and filtration functions.

GF EP anti-erosion mesh

Flat structure polyester geo-mesh with anchoring elements. It is highly resistant to horizontal, vertical and side stretching at small elongation.

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Roll-out lawns

We also produce high quality turf-grass for roll-out lawns. Our carefully selected grass blends are grown on special plantations in Podlasie. This ecologically clean region of Poland offers perfect environment for growing turf-grass. From here, our lush, green turf-grass is transported to our clients in all regions of Poland.
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We invite you to read the details of our offer. In the “Product Catalogue” department we present our mats, geo-textiles and other accessories used in green roof systems. Choose cooperation with the Green Flor company and enjoy soothing greenery in your surroundings!
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