trawa w rolceThe main purpose of lawns and green areas is not only to do to improve aesthetics of the landscape. They also have many different functions which we can either see straightaway or which stay out of sight. Therefore, functions of lawns can be divided in the following way:


  • Immediately visible:
    • Lawn is a crucial element of every garden. Properly groomed, guarantees high quality appearance to the whole area.
    • Properly maintained, enables paying different sports.
    • Its attractive look has a positive influence on mood, its green juiciness relaxes the senses.
  • Invisible, out of sight:
    • Noise suppression
    • Air dust absorption (1 m² can absorb around 40 kg of air dust a year!)
    • Absorbs poisonous gases
    • It controls microclimate and increases air humidity because of water evaporating from grass leaves
    • It prevents erosion which is of significance at areas with bigger slopes
    • Influences oxygen circulation (100 m² of lawn produces amount of oxygen which can satisfy needs of 10 people).


With our roll-out lawns you can enjoy green grass all year round!


Want to have a beautiful lawn and don’t want to wait long or put a lot of work? With our company you will achieve the goal very easily! We recommend our ready-made lawns in rolls.


Among the variety of different types of grass that are available on the market, not all have suitable performance for Polish climate. Therefore, our experts carefully select types of grass so that you can enjoy your perfect lawn. We sow, irrigate, fertilize and cultivate the selected types of grass for over one year and a half until we end up with a perfect, green lawn. We make sure that it is thick and free of any weeds. Our turf is immune to diseases and difficult weather conditions thanks to mixing seeds of different types of grass.


Our turf is suitable for use in all regions of Poland, no matter if they characterize with northern or southern climate But, undoubtedly the biggest advantage of our turf is that it can be laid throughout the whole year!

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