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To make green roofs more popular, our company offers a different solution – extensive vegetation with the use of GREENFLOR system. With the use of our system, you can permanently and effectively cover with vegetation all types of roofs and constructions that have either gentle or steep slopes. Our offer perfectly combines esthetic appearance and ecology with economic and technical benefits. Extensive vegetation with the use of GF system is an extremely quick and easy way to create a green roof.


Among the most important assents of the GF extensive vegetation system are: simple construction and lack of special installation requirements – it can be adjusted to any type of roof covering and to any roof framing.


mata ekstensywna GF0-15

Green roof design with the use of our system is based on two basic parameters: roof loading capacity (weight) and roof slope (roof pitch).


GF system allows creation of green roofs if the roof slope ranges from 0 to 45° and if the maximal loading capacity (waterlogged) is 35 to 175kg/m² – depending on type of framework and height of a given building.


Our GF system is based on three basic layers which are crucial for proper functioning of a green roof. These are: drainage and filtration layer, vegetation layer and plant layer.

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We invite you to read the details of our offer. In the “Product Catalogue” department we present our mats, geo-textiles and other accessories used in green roof systems. Choose cooperation with the Green Flor company and enjoy soothing greenery in your surroundings!
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