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To make green roofs more popular, our company offers a different solution – extensive vegetation with the use of GREEN FLOR system. With the use of our system, you can permanently and effectively cover with vegetation all types of roofs and constructions that have either gentle or steep slopes. Our offer perfectly combines esthetic appearance and ecology with economic and technical benefits. Extensive vegetation with the use of GF system is an extremely quick and easy way to create a green roof.
Among the most important assents of the GF extensive vegetation system are: simple construction and lack of special installation requirements – it can be adjusted to any type of roof covering and to any roof framing. Green roof design with the use of our system is based on two basic parameters:
system Green Flor

GF system allows creation of green roofs if the roof slope ranges from 0 to 45° and if the maximal loading capacity (waterlogged) is 35 to 175kg/m2 – depending on type of framework and height of a given building. Our GF system is based on three basic layers which are crucial for proper functioning of a green roof. These are:

greenflor zielone dachy
  • its main purpose is to drain excess amount of water, to improve isolation properties of the roof framing and to provide air circulation to roots,
  • filtration layer must go over the drainage layer, it will prevent migration of small particles of substrate from the bearing vegetation layer to the drainage layer,
  • a single drainage layer is enough in case of roofs with the slope up to 5°. In case of bigger slopes, drainage and water retention geo-textiles are used.

OTHER OPTIONS: cupped drainage mats, drainage with tangled filament, drainage-filtration geo-textile

system dachów zielonych
  • vegetation bearing layer is densely covered with roots. Because of its physical and biological properties, it constitutes the base for plats’ growth and development,
  • its structure needs to be stable. It must absorb water, which is necessary for plants and to give back its excess to the drainage layer.

OTHER OPTIONS: mineral extensive substrate, hygroscopic mineral wool, drainage and water retention geo-textiles

zielony dach
  • this layer consists of extensive GREENFLOR mats which are covered with previously grown vegetation,
  • extensive mats include such plants as: herbs, stonecrops, and different types of grass and moss.

OTHER OPTIONS: extensive mat GF 0-15, extensive mat GF 15-45

The analysis of layers’ choice and their configuration, based on the abovementioned factors, goes the following way:

Layer configuration scheme of the GREENFLOR system should be treated as a demonstrative material, which might help to understand the rules behind GF roof system design. However, each solution and the choice of layers should be customized individually.
Throughout the year, green roof undergoes natural scheme of vegetation, in accordance with seasonal changes. During dry periods, plants lose their vitality, and during more humid periods, the grow. One thing should be bore in mind, in case of extensive vegetation, plans adjust to the local ecosystem only after a few years.
Green roofs play their proper function in an effective and in a long-lasting way, only if the plants are properly managed and all the technical equipment is regularly serviced. Minimal maintenance requires regular control and clearance of drains, removal of roots of unnecessary plants and debris.

  Weight Angle ≤ 5° 5° < Angle < 15° 15° < Angle < 45°  
– cupped drainage mat 8 mm
– drainage with tangled filaments
250-500 g/m²
250-500 g/m²
VEGETATION LAYER 70-140 kg/m² SUBSTRATE 5-10 cm (simple installation) SUBSTRATE 5-10 cm (simple installation) SUBSTRATE (additional erosion control required – difficult installation) System’s variable weight factor.

Possibility to mix the layers together.

500 g, 1000 g or their multiple
500 g, 1000 g or their multiple
500 g, 1000 g or their multiple
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